About Us

Oahu Capital Group, LLC is a registered Commodity Trade Advisor (CTA) and National Futures Association (NFA) member. 

NFA ID: #0427607.

We provide an advisory service with education and strategies related to trading in futures contracts and commodity options. The model we use combines a technical methodology devised by veteran trader Joe DiNapoli called D-Levels with professional future options spread strategies.  This approach allows us to manage discretionary views across many financial markets in highly volatile environments using limited risk structures to trade.  This has been our managerial trading preference over competing in markets with professional algorithmic intra-day systems operating at fast decision and high execution speeds (milliseconds). 

Clients subscribe to our strategies through our service called MarketPlus covering futures and futures options markets or learn through our education programs. Many brokerages also use our education and research to provide value for their clients each day. Our trading approach is unique with methods that have been employed since the early 1980s.  These techniques are still used extensively in today’s market environment with improvements that have evolved over decades.  

Oahu Capital maintains an experienced team of veteran traders providing trading education and classes.  We support our trade community through weekly market strategies.  We also support D-Levels and options software used in our own programs.  Our aim is to provide value for traders through education, support and management of strategies used by trade professionals every day.

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