Oahu Capital Group, LLC is a registered Commodity Trade Advisor (CTA) and National Futures Association (NFA) member. 

NFA ID: #0427607.

One of the biggest challenges for those new to trading futures options is how to begin.  The mere mention of "options trading" sounds intimidating and complex in the realm of finance.  Our objective is to offer practical and meaningful education on professional trading strategies in a comprehensive step by step manner.  Our instructor-led format caters to both beginning and experienced traders.

As a registered CTA (commodity trade advisor) and NFA member, our focus is on commodity futures and options.  We aim to provide a "nuts & bolts" approach on how to use futures options spreads around a trader's technical or fundamental view of the markets.  Our approach breaks down complex material into a process of steps that can be followed for simple learning and practical use.  Participants learn to model and test professional trade strategies in a variety of simulations while creating their trade plan and managing it.

Oahu Capital maintains an experienced team of veteran traders.  We support our trade community with a weekly options report that helps categorize opportunities in futures markets with strategies covered in our courses.  We also offer proprietary tools to assist that purpose.  Our clients gain value through education, support and management of strategies used by trade professionals every day.


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