Derivative Hedge Valuations & Accounting (Summary)


Our team goes beyond providing a framework of crafting strategies and policies for risk management. 

We take steps to ensure our clients have a competent understanding, training and resources behind a complete derivative hedging program.  Aside from front end strategies, Oahu has partnered with CPAs who have the experience to help with mid and backoffice management. 

Services include:

  • Pre Trade Effectiveness Analysis
  • Hedge Designation Memorandum
  • Hedge Effectiveness Testing
  • Fair Value Calculations
  • General Ledger Balances

We've found that many firms who engage in hedging activities with swaps, futures or options use an in-house accounting team who might have comprehensive expertise or experience with updates in regulation, valuation and documentation.  The importance of maintaining adequate documentation concerning valuation and effectiveness testing cannot be overlooked in the event of an audit. 

Deciphering transactions from brokerage statements and managing proper designations to meet hedge effectiveness guidelines for proper documentation isn't the only challenge.  Being able to quickly generate meaningful reports that impact daily decisions are just as critical. Our team integrates a simple web interface tool as a 100% outsourced solution that's completely cloud based.  Backed by support, education and training, our clients easily manage hedging with swaps, caps, floors, futures & options.

Our objective aside from offering a complete outsourced solution for Hedge Accounting is to provide education and training.  We offer flexibility in providing professional expertise and training to in-house personnel to manage valuation, pre- trade advice and analysis to promote hedge effectiveness.

Annual SOC 1/SSAE 16 Report. You'll have confidence in our controls and procedures receiving accurate and timely deliverables.

Oahu's program devotes CPAs and experts on-call as needed to answer questions from clients and auditors. 

Let's start with a call to discuss financial solutions that improve your operating cash flow. Check our Events calendar for free online training each week!

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